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If You Have Sensitive Skin, It Might Be Time to Switch to a Milk Cleanser


dark skin young Asian woman sat on the beach

Girlgaze for Getty Images / Lynzy Billing

As’s senior editor part of my job is being a beauty guinea pig. I'm always testing out hundreds of products to find the best, but as fun as that sounds, it can come at a high cost for my skin. I recently went through a period where everything that touched my face made it feel like it was burning off. Prescription acne topical treatments, lotions, serums, and gels I used with no issues before all left my skin stinging, red, and extra sensitive to the touch. Something was very, very wrong, but with no way to pinpoint the exact cause, I felt at a loss.

At a facial from celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau, I consulted her on my issues and she told me I was suffering from a damaged moisture barrier. The moisture barrier is made of lipids that bind skin together and acts as a "bodyguard" against external irritants. She explained that all of my product testing, over exfoliating, and getting too many beauty services at once compromised my skin's protective barrier so that there were now unseen "cracks" on the surface that made me more susceptible to sensitivity.

One of the first steps she told me to repair my skin was to switch my cleanser. She suggested swapping out my usual gel foaming cleanser for a moisturizing milk cleanser. Luckily, that's around the time Aesop's new Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk landed on my desk.

Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk

The cleansing milk—which, like all of Aesop's products, took about two years to formulate in-house—was developed with sensitive skin in mind. "It efficiently purifies the skin without stripping it of moisture, offering an exceptionally mild yet thorough cleanse," chemist Dr. Kate Forbes, Aesop's head scientist, tells me. "The mild, olive-based surfactant swiftly lifts and removes grime, excess sebum, and makeup."

Forbes explains that the difference between a milk cleanser and my usual gel cleanser, is that gel cleansers are water-based and contain higher surfactant levels (aka what makes that foaming feeling while you cleanse). They’re great for a deeper cleanse during the summer or high humidity when you likely have increased oiliness.

This milk cleanser, on the other hand, is formulated with panthenol (provitamin B5), an ingredient that prevents the dry, tight feeling I'd get after washing. It also contains grape seed oil, and waxes of mimosa, jojoba, and sunflower, all of which "reduce[s] moisture loss during cleansing and leaves the skin feeling soft" according to Forbes.

It took a little getting used to not having that soapy, foamy feeling of my usual cleanser but I grew to love the silky slip of the milk formula. Instead of red and tight, my skin would dry down baby-soft even before using moisturizer.

I also took care to not double cleanse like I used to—Forbes told me that it's not necessary. "One runs the risk of over cleansing and disrupting the skin's hydrolipidic film by using this approach," she warned me. "If applied and rinsed diligently, a single cleanse with the Gentle Facial Cleansing Milk does a superb job of removing makeup from the face." As she said, it wasn't necessary for me to use wipes or micellar water beforehand. Rubbing the light, fluid solution around my face for a minute was enough to get off layers of foundation. Even more impressive? It easily melted off my favorite waterproof liquid eyeliner.

I've been using the milk cleanser in my routine for a month now, and I don't think I'm going back. At first, I used only this cleanser and a moisturizer, and when I noticed after a couple of weeks that it definitely calmed all my inflammation, I slowly reintroduced the rest of my routine. I haven't felt any stinging since.

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Mother of Pearl’s Amy Powney on Why ‘Sustainable Equals Expensive’ Is a Myth


The fact that Mother of Pearl’s creative director Amy Powney recently launched a completely transparent, sustainable diffusion line should come as no surprise if you pause to think for a second about her upbringing. When she was 10 years old, her family moved from a house in Lancashire, England to a caravan on a five-acre field. Living off the grid, they had no running water or electricity; instead her father dug a borehole and erected a wind turbine to channel those resources. Powney credits her lifelong interest in sustainability to that formative experience.

“I wasn’t just able to turn my light switch on whenever I wanted to, water didn’t flow freely in our house, we had to go pump water from our well and it was then brought to the house,” she says in London, where her quirky presentation for the brand’s Fall ’19 collection is underway (there’s a giant ball pit of faux pearls involved). “And I think when something isn’t readily available it makes you think about where it comes from, and it changes the way you view something. I guess that’s when you stop taking it for granted.”

It’s what led her to make an organic, ethical clothing line for her graduate collection at Kingston University, and what brought her to Mother of Pearl in 2006 as an assistant.

“I thought, it’s a small company, we make quality product, print our silks in the UK, I know all the factories. From a corporate social responsibility level that was pretty good,” she tells the Guardian. “I wasn’t working for the high street or burning clothes. And I fell in love with the company.”

Over a decade later, she’s now creative director of the brand and in a position to undertake passion projects like No Frills, an entirely transparent, ethical and sustainable clothing line of elevated basics that launched last fall. Think jacquard jackets with pearl detailing on the sleeve, striped shirtdresses, oversized sweatshirts and flared jeans, all made from organic and ethically-sourced fabrics whose provenance is completely traceable from the field to the final product. A polka dot Tencel shirtdress on the brand’s website, for example, lists all its eco-friendly attributes: from the responsible use of water in its production cycle, to the digital printing which utilizes less water and ink, to the sustainable forestry methods. “For every tree cut down to make this fibre, new trees have been planted in its place and no ancient forests have been used,” it states.

“No Frills was our case study in a way, it was our learning program,” explains Powney. “Everything we learned from that we’ve [incorporated] into the Mother of Pearl line. Spring/summer ’19 is around 50% sustainable but the next summer collection we’re working on for 2020 is almost 80% sustainable. So we’re just working hard, we’re not perfect, nobody is, but we’re trying everything we can to turn a fully fledged brand into being as sustainable as possible.”

The resulting No Frills line of core pieces, available to shop online and at Canadian retailers like Bacci’s in Vancouver and Henriette L in Montreal, is cheaper to buy than the mainline collection (with prices from 150 CAD). So is the whole ‘sustainable means more expensive’ argument just a myth?

“I guess it depends on what sector you work in so in the luxury industry yes I think it’s a myth,” says Powney. “We reworked our supply chains and made sure that they were close together so if we’re going to grow cotton in Turkey for instance, is there a way we can also manufacture there? So it [lessens] the carbon footprint. And then we started trying to vertically integrate so we could own a few parts of the process and that actually reduces the price of the supply chain. So for us we found it was a lot cheaper. I think if you rethink the way you work, that is how you can make it efficient. Once you’ve rebuilt it and found that way to work then it just becomes innate, it’s just that we’ve been working in a vacuous way for way too long.”

Does she ever fantasize about living off the grid again one day?

“Definitely,” she answers instantly. “I’d love that. I’d still have to be able to come to London though, I couldn’t just go and never come back, I need both in my life. But for sure, if I had time I’d love to grow all my own food and live off grid. That would be my dream.”

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Everything That Happened at Kanye Wests’s Coachella Sunday Service


2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 2

Timothy NorrisGetty Images

Nothing quite sparks the curiosity of a live Coachella event than having to watch it through the smallest viewing portal possible. On Sunday morning at 9 P.T., Kanye West's famous Sunday Services broadcast on live stream from Coachella's mountainside location—through a small peephole of a camera.

First, the image opened on a mountainside and soft organ music began to play. That's right, for several minutes all we saw was this.

Then, the organ music seemed to get louder and focused on rows of performers in pink robes. The camera cut across the grassy hill where dozens of performers stood. Others progressed down the hill as the music began to play, like a proper Easter Sunday church procession.



Next, drummers began to play, mixing things up after the long minutes of organ droning. Some brass and strings cut in, and we were cooking. Not long after, North West, former singing star of Sunday Services, and a friend came into view, dancing with another small friend. As the music went on, complete with a saxophone, trumpets, and flutes, Kanye came into view, wearing that Easter shade of pink with everyone else.

Then, after many minutes of only music, we started to hear vocals and a repeated "He is risen," a very common phrase heard at churches on Easter Sunday. Eventually, the performers stood in a circle around the main stage and the real gospel began. "Wave your hand, wave your hand, lift it up to Jesus," the singer in the middle sang. "Can we turn the volume up on this praise?," he asked.



In the viewing portal, which looked itself like an Easter egg, viewers could see Kanye bouncing along with this worship.



The music, which is not always blatantly religious, kept pretty squarely in the church zone with worship songs. Lyrics like "You're the only power" and "lift Him up" made it pretty clear that we were at church.

Later, things switched from their religious tone to Soul II Soul's 1989 hit "Back to Life (However Do You Want Me). Then, it went back to a worship song, as if to keep attendees on their church-going toes.

After the performers wrapped up an upbeat version of "Brighter Day," the leader onstage told everyone, "Come on, let's stand over here with Ye," as Kanye, whose pink head matched his outfit, bopped along on the piano. The group launched into a rendition of "This Is the Day That the Lord Has Made." Anyone who has sat through an Easter service in their lives is likely singing along "I will rejoice and be glad in it," under their breath right now, whether they want to or not.

For the first time the whole service, Kanye started to rap. He performed "It All Falls Down" in a move that was certainly not religious. The choir gathered around him and sang the chorus. Next, we heard what Kanye referred to as "a new joint called 'Water.'" The lyrics in the chorus mostly consisted of "we are water" while the camera panned over water bottles on the ground. "Let's take the chlorine out of the conversation" was another highlight of the song.

The service included a prayer led by rapper DMX, who has been known to take part in the services in the past. Later in the service, Kanye appeared to silently pray and stood up slowly to begin dancing with the rest of the performers—a true moment of reverence that turned quickly into celebration.

This Easter service is the first Sunday Service that is accessible to the public; they are usually held in undisclosed locations and have a private guest list. Coachella had specific instructions on how to get to the Sunday Service, as well as a list of items that were not allowed on the premises. Among the items listed as "allowed" at Coachella were: cigarettes, ear plugs, eye drops, dancing shoes, and smiles.

This post will be continually updated.

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Beyoncé Reportedly Has Two More Projects Coming to Netflix


Beyoncé pleased the internet (and Michelle Obama) this week when she dropped her self-written, directed, and produced documentary, Homecoming, on Netflix, as well as an accompanying live album of the same name. So, news that she has more where that came from is obviously going to make people very happy. The singer has signed a three-project deal with Netflix that is worth $60 million, per Variety; she was paid $20 million for the rights to Homecoming. But the most exciting news here is beyond the numbers: there are two more projects coming, and the Netflix-Beyoncé magic is not over.

As The Daily Mail noted, the next two projects that are part of this deal have not been announced, and Beyoncé's creative role in them is also not known. But, as Vulture reported, this deal was a highly competitive one, with HBO looking to get in on it at one point. Netflix got the behind-the-scenes Coachella documentary for a simple reason: they were willing to pay way more than anyone else. While HBO didn't comment on the decision, Vulture reported that industry sources say HBO couldn't "justify" spending the amount of money that Netflix was willing to put down.

HBO was, however, home to Lemonade in 2016, as well as her 2013 documentary Life Is a Dream and her On the Run concert special.

As she noted in Homecoming, Beyoncé was the first black woman to headline Coachella. More history was made this year when Ariana Grande, 25, became the youngest woman to headline the music festival.

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Meghan Markle Is Reportedly ‘Due Any Day’ and ‘Enjoying’ the End of Her Pregnancy


Meghan Markle

Samir HusseinGetty Images

Meghan Markle really is just about to welcome her and Prince Harry’s first child, Entertainment Tonight reports, and the final days of her pregnancy have been going well for her. The outlet spoke to a royal source, who told them that Meghan is due "any day" now. Be on high alert.

Meghan and Harry have been settling into their Frogmore Cottage home during the final days of her pregnancy, where they’ve been having lots of family visit along with Meghan’s closest friends.

The source did point out that moving around at this point of pregnancy isn’t easy, but Meghan has been herself, just "enjoying her pregnancy and anticipating the days ahead. It is such a happy and exciting time for Meghan," the source said. "She looks absolutely radiant and is taking each day at a time."

While it’s not likely, there is a slim possibility that Meghan could appear at Windsor Castle for Easter Sunday service with the royal family. The source told ET it was a "wait and see" type thing.

Meghan and Harry have chosen to keep the birth of their baby private, and they will not do a photo with the baby immediately after he or she is born.

In a statement, the Buckingham Palace explained the couple's decision. "The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very grateful for the goodwill they have received from people throughout the United Kingdom and world as they prepare to welcome their baby. Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep plans around the arrival of their baby private. The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family."

The couple is expected to do a photo call in Windsor with their new baby days after his or her birth, when the new family of three are ready.

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Someone Great Makes All the Points About Representation That Gina Rodriguez Didn’t


When I first saw the trailer for the Netflix film Someone Great, which Gina Rodriguez stars in and co-produced, I felt conflicted. Until recently, I would’ve been ecstatic about a romantic comedy starring her, Lakeith Stanfield and DeWanda Wise, but recent events have left me hesitant. In case you don’t recall, Rodriguez made a number of anti-Black comments over the past year and they left me, and many other Black women I know, feeling unsure about the actor… and, tbh, her work.

Back in November, Rodriguez’s reputation for being a woke POC advocate was tarnished when she made some questionable statements in an interview with Net-a-Porter. Critics were quick to point out that her take on diversity in the entertainment world was not only inaccurate, it also erased the struggles of Black actors. They also had receipts for several other instances where Rodriguez came off as anti-Black, like when she undermined the importance of Black female role models or when she decided that Black Panther’s mostly Black cast was lacking… Latino actors.

When she addressed the anti-Black accusations in January, she didn’t *actually* take responsibility for the things she said, instead offering a tearful tale about her upbringing within the Black community. Before, I’d admired her advocacy and the pride she so clearly felt about being a woman of colour, but her comments—and the way she dealt with criticism—were disappointing. In fact, I felt wary about the way she’d use her platform going forward.

So, can you blame me for not being totally sold on Someone Great when it was announced? I mean, the film is about a Latina woman with a Black best friend and a Black boyfriend—which is just super ironic. But I watched it anyway because the trailer was compelling; and it actually made me feel a teeny bit hopeful.

The tropes are familiar, but the casting is definitely not

For the record, I was impressed.

The film, which was written and directed by first-time director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, follows Jenny Young (Rodriguez), a music journalist who gets her dream job at Rolling Stone. The only catch: She has to move across the country, which means she and her long-term boyfriend, Nate (Stanfield), have to break up. And as we soon learn, it’s not *just* about distance. That’s when her two best friends Erin and Blair (Wise and Brittany Snow, respectively) step in to pick up the pieces of Jenny’s heart, and help her have one last hurrah in New York City before she moves.

A still of DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez and Brittany Snow in 'Someone Great'
(Photo: Netflix)

Because as much as Someone Great is a rom-com—and yes, it will make you mourn all the good dudes you’ve ever broken up with—it’s also a story about female friendship and empowering each other, no matter who they are or what intersections they meet. And while that’s a common rom-com trope, this time it’s told through the faces and voices we need to hear in 2019.

And the way that this film tackles diversity—by never directly addressing it—is perfect. Because having a group of friends where one of you is Black, one is white and one is Latina is NORMAL. At the same time, this film is deliberately political, whether it’s Jenny rocking a t-shirt that says “Latina AF,” or a Black Lives Matter poster in Erin’s bedroom.

So many things made me want to cheer: Erin, a Black lesbian woman, making out with her South Asian girlfriend; Jenny speaking Spanish to her friends without a subtitle in sight; Blair playing the role of the token white girl, a dynamic we don’t normally see. Women of colour are so often portrayed as the simple, uncomplicated best friend, rarely the complex main character. Seeing that reversed here is a shift in attention that we deserve, tbh.

*This* is the right way to tackle diversity in movies

Someone Great is a model of how the equity we’ve been advocating for could actually look—and it proves the exact point that Rodriguez failed to make in her Net-a-Porter interview. Yes, all women of colour deserve equity, but the reality is, we don’t all face the same struggles. You see that very clearly when it comes to Jenny, a successful Latina woman, versus Erin, a Black lesbian.

The film takes time to explore Jenny’s Latina background, but even more to draw out Erin’s intersectionality. At one point, Erin’s love interest tells her, “You have two straight best friends. I can’t imagine you’re sitting around reading queer theory together,” while Erin struggles to talk about her feelings. This comment takes us out of the film for a second and reminds us that there will always be different levels of privilege among women of colour. And that acknowledging that privilege and using it to help other women of colour succeed is how we all rise.

So maybe Rodriguez missed the point before. But cancel culture is way too widely accepted, and I don’t think we should erase all of her work, past, present and future. Especially if she’s going to use her privilege to help tell nuanced, realistic, inclusive stories. That’s not to say that this movie erases her problematic comments, but it does remind us what better representation can look like. It’s symbolic of what we’re striving for in all industries, not just on screen. And maybe, just maybe, Rodriguez can learn a little something about that from her own flick.

Someone Great comes to Netflix on April 19.


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Here’s All the Fashion News You Missed This Week


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The Biebers

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Hailey Bieber is Launching a Cosmetics Line

Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) is taking a leaf out of Kylie Jenner’s book. The 21-year old model, who graced our October 2017 cover, has trademarked her last name in order in pursuit of building a beauty empire under the brand name “Bieber Beauty.”According to WWD, Bieber filed to trademark the company with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on April 10thunder the description the company will sell “beauty and cosmetic products. Bieber is no stranger to cosmetics, as she was the face of Bare Minerals just last year, and has also worked with ModelCo and L’Oréal. Though there is no information on what the line will include or where it will be sold, it’s an exciting prospect for Bieber and beauty fans alike. Hopefully Jenner, whose Kylie Cosmetics is currently valued at $900 million, has some tips to share. –Piper McDougall (WWD)

The Future is: Recycled Running Shoes

You already recycle coffee cup lids, glass bottles and cardboard boxes thanks to a new technological development, your sneakers might be the next object to earn a spot in your blue bin. Earlier this week, Adidas launched the Futurecraft.Loop, a sleek pair of sneakers made entirely out of recyclable materials. Derived from reusable thermoplastic polyurethane, each pair of sneakers can be returned to Adidas, where the company will grind the shoes back down into raw material which it will use it to fashion a new pair. “ Our dream is that you can keep wearing the same shoes over and over again…It is a statement of our intent to take responsibility for the entire life of our product; proof that we can build high-performance running shoes that you don’t have to throw away,” Eric Liedtke, an executive board member of Adidas told WWD. While eco-sneakers are certainly an exciting development, you won’t be able to get your hands on them just yet – they won’t officially be on the market until Spring 2021. (WWD)

Photo by Philippe Blet/REX/Shutterstock

Designers React to Notre-Dame Tragedy

A devastating fire at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris left members of the fashion community reeling this week, with rivals Bernard Arnault and François-Henri Pinault both pledging hundreds of millions of Euros towards the redevelopment. WWD reached out to fashion designers for their perspective on the tragedy and the results were heart-rending. “Notre-Dame’s fire makes our soul ache, our consciousness tremble. My second metaphorical home is a few blocks away from that inestimable good. A great part of my medieval imaginary world is kept between those walls and no fire will be able to destroy it, ever. I wish Our Lady will come back to shine, as quick as a phoenix, as majestic as a dream. My heart is with her now,” Valentino designer Pierpaolo Piccioli said. “Notre-Dame Cathedral is an incredibly transportive place for me. It’s one of the few spots in the world where you feel a sense of calm even in a huge crowd. Back in the Eighties, when I was in my 20s, we would be very ‘Funny Face’ and go directly to Notre-Dame after checking into our hotel in Paris. It’s rare when an iconic building feels like an old friend,” Michael Kors added. (WWD)

H&M Collaborating with South Africal Label Mantsho

Palesa Mokubung, a South African who has been designing under the label Mantsho since 2004, has just earned a coup as the first African designer to nab an H&M diffusion collection. Mantsho, which translates to ‘black is beautiful’ focuses on vibrant prints and patterns and will inject some much-needed African perspective into H&M’s offerings. H&M began collaborating with high-end designers on diffusion collections in 2004 (with no less than Karl Lagerfeld) and each year, fashion fans look forward to scooping up designer duds for fast fashion prices. “We love how [Mantsho] works with colour, print and silhouettes enhancing the female shape in a flattering and playful way,” said Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Assortment Manager for Collaborations and Special Collection, in a statement. “I cannot wait to share my passion and design with fashion lovers around the world,” said Mokubung, describing the collaboration as “a dream come true.” The collection will be available in H&M stores and online as of August 15th, 2019. (Press Release)

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Kim K Showed Us How Her Sinks Work, But We Still Have Questions


Following Kim Kardashian’s 73 Questions vid for Vogue, people had, well, more questions about her very beige, very empty, very large home, many of them focused on her bathroom sinks. Created by Kanye and Axel Vervoordt, the designer behind the rest of the house (and other houses belonging to celebs like Robert De Niro, Bill Gates, Sting and Calvin Klein), the sinks caught the internet’s attention because they appear to have no drain, just a faucet, and a flat, stone surface that the water would presumably run right off.

Everyone was confused, but luckily KKW didn’t leave us hanging. Late on the evening of April 17, Kim delivered a response via Instagram. What a time to be alive, right?

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bathroom tour!

A post shared by Kim Kardashian Snapchat 🍑 (@kimkardashiansnap) on

OK, so now we know the sinks actually function. In spite of that important information, this explanatory video still left us confused about a bunch of other stuff. Read on for the questions we’re hoping Kim can answer for us tonight on Insta.

Eight prototypes?!

We’ve never designed and executed the construction of a sink before, so we truly have no clue if eight drafts is normal or not. But, we’re gonna bet that “Let’s go back to the drawing board” is something Kanye says a lot, and probs with fewer, less polite words.

Do the Wests legit use those sinks to wash their faces and brush their teeth?

Love that tidbit from Kim about the lack of a backsplash. But do we still believe that the all five of the Wests use those sinks for normal, bathroom stuff? Seems more likely that the only thing happening at them is dainty hand washing.

Where’s all their stuff?

This is a question that applies to the entire house, really. But for this room in particular, are we to believe that those cement-looking drawers house all the things they need? Where are the towels? Where are the bath toys? Where is the KKW Body?! It has the EXACT same aesthetic as this space, so that seems like a missed decor opportunity, tbh.

Where are the outlets?

Don’t know about you, but routines that happen in our bathrooms typically involve stuff that plugs in, like hairdryers, flat irons and electric shavers. Maybe there’s a separate “grooming room” for such things, though—perhaps a private salon Jen Atkin is contractually obligated to be in every morning?

Can we please see more of that giant shower?

For starters, it’s imperative that we know what kind of extras the Wests installed in that bad boy. If the whole ceiling doesn’t just, like, rain spring water brought in from the Alps, or it doesn’t have the capacity to turn into a eucalyptus steam room, we’ll be seriously disappointed.

Who is in charge of all that greenery?

Considering the lack of stuff on the inside, that’s a lot of stuff outside. It’s so lush and green, there has to be at least one person devoted to caring for it. And can’t you just picture that person, in the middle of pruning, scrambling to get out of sight when they see someone coming into the bathroom? It’s either the worst or the best job we’ve ever heard of/invented.

Last, but not least: where’s the toilet?!

No, but really.


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Selena Gomez Will Make Her Cannes Film Festival Debut in May


Selena Gomez

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Selena Gomez has had a quiet 2019 so far, making her first event appearance of the year last weekend at Coachella. But that's about to change. The Los Angeles Times confirmed on Twitter today that Gomez will be at the Cannes Film Festival. Her upcoming zombie comedy film The Dead Don't Die is opening the festival.

The Cannes Film Festival is a showcase for some of the most breathtaking red carpet fashion of the year. Many Cinderella dress moments have taken place there, which means Gomez will likely be dressed to the nines for that premiere on May 14.

It will be Gomez's first time at the festival ever. At just 19 years of age, the singer and actress attended Cannes Lions, the creativity festival, but it's separate from the film festival.

Cannes Lions 59th International Festival of Creativity - Viacom Seminar

Francois G. DurandGetty Images

Gomez has also been to the Venice Film Festival, the late summer Italian counterpart to Cannes. She went in September 2012, just a couple of months after she attended Cannes Lions, for the Spring Breakers premiere:

'Spring Breakers' Premiere - The 69th Venice Film Festival

Ian GavanGetty Images

It's not clear whether Gomez will attend the Met Gala the week before Cannes in New York City. Last year, she went in a Coach dress. It would be her first formal red carpet of the year if she does attend on May 6.

Heavenly Bodies: Fashion & The Catholic Imagination Costume Institute Gala

Taylor HillGetty Images

Gomez could also show up again at Coachella this weekend to perform during DJ Snake's set with Cardi B. The two women joined him and Ozuna to perform "Taki Taki" on stage last Friday. It was Gomez's first time ever performing at the festival.

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Every Single Way You Can Wear Pastel Makeup This Spring


Spring has sprung, and with it comes longer, sunnier days, sangria sipped patio-side (finally!) and catching an afternoon Jays games. If there’s one enduring spring trend that tops it all though, year after year, it’s the warm welcome of a soft, super pretty pastel palette.

But while sorbet shades are arguably the dreamiest of them all, sporting a head-to-toe look can be a little much. Instead, take after the likes of Marc Jacobs, Thom Brown and Preen, to name a few, who presented their spring offerings paired with super pretty pastel makeup looks like mint lips and lids, and even festival-ready pastel florals. Here, our favourites to get you #pastelpretty.

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