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Ask E. Jean: Why Do I Keep Getting Ghosted?


Dear Auntie EEEE: I’m so tired of dating! I’ve been single a long time—most of my twenties. But the thing I’m most tired of is ghosting. Why do guys suddenly cease all communication? For the love of God! Be a man! Just tell me what’s wrong with me! Why don’t you want to go out with me again? What did I say? What did I do? I just want to know so I can be better for next time, and stop this vicious circle and settle down. —Why Are Men Such Chickens?

Miss Why, My Kumquat: The temperature of every woman reading this just went up 130 degrees. We all know egggzactly what you’re talking about. And if you’re as irritated as I think you are, step up! Do it for womankind. Text scoundrel ghosters this message:

Why Are You Ghosting [Miss X]?

__Style not as expected

__Inaccurate product description

__Bad timing

__Not feeling it

__Too gorgeous

Add your own reasons and send it. I promise you, some chap at Stanford who’s never had a date in his life will build an app and make millions off this idea, because many, many guys will respond to it. But women don’t need any more apps built by dateless chumps, do we, Miss Why? We can handle this ourselves. The twits have caused enough trouble. Time to take matters into our own hands. You have nothing to lose. Send it! Good luck! And let us know what happens.

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The Most Bizarre Items in the Oscars’s $100,000 Gift Bag


With dwindling ratings, a diversity problem, questionable show-cutting decisions and the inability to find an unproblematic host, movie lovers and industry insiders have begun to question: do the Oscars even matter anymore? The nominees, I think, would say yes—and not simply because recognition from the Acamedy is a great professional honour and almost always promises a bump in pay.

If you don’t walk away from the evening with a tiny gold statue, you’ll at least walk away thousands of dollars richer. Not in cash or prestige, but in the greatest currency of all: free stuff. The “Everyone Wins at the Oscars” goodie bag—which has no real association to the awards show and is put together by marketing company Distinctive Assets—is gifted to all 25 actors and directors nominated for Acamedy Awards, and is valued at well over $100,000.

The gift bags are a hallmark of Oscars tradition, and are as ostentatious as the ceremony itself. Included are the VIP items you’d expect from such a sparkly swag bag: a celebrity chef-prepared poolside dinner for you and your friends, a weeklong beachfront vacation at a luxury villa and, of course, personal training sessions with an LA-based celebrity trainer. However, some of the swag listed is a little more, ugh, niche. In year’s past, nominees have taken home a Robotic Hair Transplant System (worth a cool $16,000), a PulseWave Vibrator (no better way to cope with an Oscars defeat than some tear-soaked orgasms) and a Cellulite Massage Mat (perfect for three-hour long award shows).

The 2019 bags serve equally intriguing gems. Here’s what Lady Gaga, Glenn Close, Bradley Cooper and their peers will have the opportunity to take home:

Image courtesy of PETA

PETA Agent for Animals Spy Pens

“These stealthy recording devices fit discreetly into a shirt pocket and enable compassionate crew members, actors, or anyone else on a film or television set to document animal abuse and report it,” writes the animal rights non-profit. PETA gives a shoutout to the whistleblower from the A Dog’s Purpose film for recording on-set animal abuse, claiming that “whistleblowers are crucial to exposing cruelty to animals, and we think Hollywood’s A-listers are perfect for the role.”

Bradley Cooper already has an in with the organization: the actor/director won an ‘Oscat’ Award from PETA earlier this year for directing his own dog in A Star Is Born.

Image courtesy of JSJ Stained Glass

Personalized stained-glass portrait by artist John Thoman

It really is too bad that Timothée Chalamet was snubbed for his supporting role in Beautiful Boy. I love a good Chalamet in Art—and I can only imagine how stunning the Call Me By Your Name star would look with the sun shining through his forehead.

Private therapy sessions with leading phobia relief expert Kalliope Barlis

I’ve heard that Emma Stone, former star of the Spiderman franchise, has a phobia of spiders. Perhaps Barlis can help.

Image courtesy of Elvie

World’s first silent wearable breast pump by Elvie Pump

Retailing for $279.00 USD, the “Elvie Pump makes it possible to pump on your own terms – at home, at work or on-the-go.” I wonder what the all-male nominees in the Best Director category will do with the innovative device.

Image courtesy of

A glow-in-the-dark Mister Poop Emoji Plunger

“I am more than just a pretty face! 100% Fully Functional,” proclaims the product description. Maybe we’ll see one of these cuties pop-up in a future Architecture Digest celebrity home tour. I’ll be keeping an eye out!

There are 53 items in total in the 2019 “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bag. Here are the remaining 47:

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Ask E. Jean: Can I Ask Him Not to Have a Bachelor Party?


Dear E. Jean: Help! I don't want my guy seeing, admiring, or being turned on by other naked women! Do I have to accept that my fiancé will attend a bachelor party?

E. Jean: Yes. Because if you tell him no, he'll just lie and go anyway. But honestly, I'm sick of women feeling like they have to be okay with this seedy, stupid ritual so as not to appear controlling or uncool. I'd like us all to go totally gangsta, stand up, and shout at our chaps, "You're not going to that damn bachelor party!"

This letter is from the Ask E. Jean Archive, 1993-2017. Send questions to E. Jean at

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The Top 5 Trends We Spotted at London Fashion Week


We may only be halfway through fashion month—with New York and London down, and Milan and Paris to go—but next season’s biggest trends are already taking shape. We’ve rounded up the biggest trends from the NYFW runways, and here’s our takeaway from the London shows.

With Brexit looming and conversations about the UK’s fate becoming increasingly fraught, designers seemed to have British heritage on their minds. Honouring their country’s rich sartorial traditions, they delivered plenty of tweed (Burberry, JW Anderson, Roland Mouret), plaid (A.W.A.K.E, House of Holland, Vivienne Westwood) and argyle (Preen, Victoria Beckham, Molly Goddard).

Exaggerated sleeves
Bigger is better, announced London, via voluminous sleeves of multiple varieties: billowy at Roksanda; leg-of-mutton at Shrimps; pouffy at Preen; big and ruched at Simone Rocha; and feathered at Peter Pilotto. Next season, it seems, is going to be all about being seen.

Orange dominated the New York runways and we saw it here too—at Shrimps, Richard Quinn, Roksanda and House of Holland—but eventually it was red that emerged as London’s ruling hue. There was ‘lipstick red’ at Victoria Beckham, crimson at Richard Malone, vermillion at Emilia Wickstead, and fire engine red at Ports 1961.

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Feeling Scattered? Try These 6 Ways to Improve Your Focus

Woman sits on the carpet in her living room in a crossed leg yoga position. Meditation is one of the ways to improve focus.

(Photo: iStock)

We are living in a great age of distraction. According to one 2011 study, that incessant flow of data, words and images amounts to the equivalent of 174 newspapers’ worth of content over the course of a day. (And those were the days before Snapchat.) But there are things we can do that can help our whirring minds manage a little better.

Set specific goals

Tasks like “go to the gym” are easily pushed off. If you make your goal “go to the gym after lunch,” you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable.

Do a phone swap

When you are out with friends and want a phone with you for emergencies, trade with a friend. If you really need to make a call, you can use theirs.

Keep it brief

Don’t waste time or lose focus by spending more mental energy than you need to on emails. Keep your thoughts focused and express yourself in five sentences max.

Leave something for tomorrow

If you’re making headway with a task and enjoying it, leave it unfinished. You’ll be more motivated to pick it up again during your next hyperfocus session.

Space out

Resist the urge to check your phone in the checkout line. Random free moments are great opportunities for scatterfocus. Let your mind wander instead of cramming it with more distractions.

Take a deep breath

Regular meditation—closing your eyes and paying attention to your breathing—can have profound effects on your mind. It focuses more effectively—one study showed a 16 percent increase in test scores among participants who meditated regularly.


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Why Unplugging Is Especially Important for Black Women
Where to Find Affordable & Accessible Mental Health Care Across Canada

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How Khloé Kardashian Really Feels About the Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods Cheating Drama


Khloé Kardashian was quick to break her silence after reports that her now ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson allegedly cheated on her with her sister Kylie Jenner's Jordyn Woods surfaced. She liked an Instagram post announcing the news and commented multiple speaking head emojis on it.

But that move only gave a hint of the rage she's feeling. Tabloids now have published their own reports from sources detailing how she's processing the news. Here, a roundup of what every reputable outlet has reported from its sources on Kardashian's feelings about Thompson and Woods' affair.

For background on Woods' and Kardashian's relationship before this: They were very friendly. E! pointed out that Kardashian posted a nice comment on Woods's last Instagram, published two days ago. Woods and Thompson's night together allegedly also happened two days ago, on Sunday.



People had a catch-all report for Kardashian and her family. They're mad: “The whole family is furious,” its source said. “They were blindsided.” The outlet also confirmed TMZ's report that Kardashian "found out" about Thompson and Woods on Monday.

Another People's source, who didn't know the person Thompson made out with was Woods, said that Kardashian wasn't acting too upset he cheated because she hasn't trusted Thompson for some time now. “Khloé has acted like she is single for a while," that source said. "She is focused on herself, her daughter and their life in L.A. She isn’t spending time with Tristan. She doesn’t act like she is planning a future with him. All because she can’t trust him. She constantly hears rumors of inappropriate behavior when it comes to Tristan. She as recently as this weekend heard that he was being inappropriate.”

Us Weekly had a more dramatic account from its source, who said Kardashian is "completely devastated" about Woods's involvement. “This is out of character for Jordyn and no one expected this to happen,” the source said. “Khloé loved Jordyn before this. This is completely shocking to Khloé’s family.”

A second Us source had a succinct update about Kardashian and Thompson: “They aren’t speaking.”

E!'s source, meanwhile, said that Kardashian is enraged about the whole thing: "She is angry more than she is sad. And she's shocked Jordyn would do this. Of all the guys in the world, she can't fathom why Jordyn would make a decision like this. Khloe is reliving the worst kind of betrayal and pain all over again."

E!'s source also said that when Kardashian confronted Thompson about the cheating, he "tried to deny it. [But] she heard it from multiple people and doesn't believe him for a second." (Thompson also tried to publicly deny the reports initially after they broke, tweeting, "FAKE NEWS." He deleted the tweet shortly after.) After all this, Kardashian firmly believes "she deserves better" than Thompson, the source said. "She is done."

TMZ was told by its sources that there's little chance of Thompson and Kardashian getting back together. "She has had enough," one source said.

Entertainment Tonight was told by a source that Kardashian's inability to trust Thompson is why they're over: “There were trust issues again and she has been down that road before. She has to be strong for herself and True. Everyone is extremely disappointed.”

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Remembering Karl Lagerfeld, a Problematic Genius

Karl Lagerfeld during his first year at Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld during his first year at Chanel (Photo: Getty)

The fashion world and beyond are mourning the huge loss of a sartorial legend this week.

German-born couturier Karl Lagerfeld passed away at the age of 85 on the morning of Tuesday, February 19, after being rushed to a hospital just outside of Paris the night before. At present, the exact cause of death is unknown; however, according to sources close to the designer, Mr. Lagerfeld had been ill for several weeks, which could very well explain why he was absent for the past two Chanel haute couture shows in Paris last month.

Often referred to as “Kaiser Karl,” “Fashion Meister” and, simply, a “genius,” the creative force was undoubtedly the most prolific designer of his time. He managed to stay on top of the haute-couture industry for well over half a century, and at an age almost no other designer knew with such to-the-day precision. Yep, Mr. Lagerfeld never stopped creating.

Best known for his association with Chanel, Lagerfeld presided over the heritage fashion house for more than three decades after taking over in 1983. His unheard-of feat in fashion also saw the craftsman simultaneously helming creative direction for LVMH’s Fendi since 1965, as well as his eponymous fashion label.

“With the passing of Karl Lagerfeld we have lost a creative genius who helped to make Paris the fashion capital of the world and Fendi one of the most innovative Italian houses. We owe him a great deal: his taste and talent were the most exceptional I have ever known,” Bernard Arnault, the head of LVMH, said in a statement. “Fashion and culture has lost a great inspiration.”

Known to draw his own designs by hand, the fashion polyglot also wore many hats outside of a couturier. In addition to his roles at Chanel, Fendi and his namesake brand, the icon was an accomplished photographer and an author. What’s more, the rare sartorial phenomenon even moonlighted as a cartoonist, drawing political cartoons and caricatures for Germany’s Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

At the same time, though, Lagerfeld’s genius was often overshadowed by his offensive foot-in-mouth comments, stirring up multiple controversies, especially over the last few years. Among other things, he infamously described Adele as “a little too fat” back in 2012; dared to call Meryl Streep “cheap” leading up to the 2017 Oscars; and, that same year, sparked outrage when he decided to bring up the Holocaust when criticizing Germany’s open-door migration policies.

Now, as we reflect back and celebrate his legendary 50-year career, which saw him transform a once flagging brand into one of the most powerful luxury houses, we simply can’t sweep his degrading comments under the rug. We can—and should—remember him as a whole, flawed human.

Along with his sharp tongue, his endless contributions to fashion (along with his snow-white ponytail, razor-thin suits, fingerless gloves and dark glasses) will remain ingrained in our collective memory. As The New York Times style reporter Matthew Schneier put it so perfectly in his tweet, “People throw around ‘end of an era’ pretty freely these days, but this one truly merits it.”

Here, we remember some of our favourite Karl Lagerfeld moments.

He had the best muses—including his cat, Choupette

Behind the scenes at Chanel’s spring ready-to-wear show on October 1, 1995. (Photo: Getty)

From ’90s supes like Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista to models-of-the-moment Kaia Gerber and Lily-Rose Depp, the Chanel boss has paired up with some of the most recognized runway talent throughout the decades to help him capture whatever beauty, mood or moment he wished to evoke with his collections. He was also inspired by women in Hollywood, dressing A-list celebs like Rhianna, Kristen Stewart and Keira Knightley, who’s been a face of Chanel for more than 10 years. And we can’t forget that Largerfeld brought one white-haired Birman feline into the spotlight: his Insta-famous pet, Choupette, who he loved, like, SO MUCH.

His elaborate runway sets couldn’t be beat

The designer’s Paris runway shows were always the highlight of fashion month. He created over-the-tops sets for his sartorial creations, transforming venues like the lofty interiors of Paris’s Grand Palais, into everything from an airport terminal for his spring 2016 collection to a space station for fall 2017.

ARIS, FRANCE - OCTOBER 04: Designer Karl Lagerfeld walks the runway during the Chanel show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017 on October 4, 2016 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty)

He birthed H&M’s high/low designer collaborations

Mr. Lagerfeld changed the game when he teamed up with H&M back in 2004 to create cut-price versions of his clothes. That designer-meets-high-street move has been copied by many other creators since, including Moschino and Stella McCartney, and is still going strong well over a decade later.

He was the creator of Fendi’s signature logo

The fashion king reportedly designed the Italian house’s ubiquitous FF logo in less than five seconds when he joined the brand back in 1965. The iconic marking, which originally stood for “Fun Furs,” was meant to highlight Fendi’s creativity and innovation, and has gone through tons of variations over the years.


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Karl Lagerfeld’s First Trip to Canada (With Choupette!)


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Calling All Hipsters: For $49, You Can Now Buy Used VHS Tapes from Urban Outfitters


Urban Outfitters has played a significant role in resurrecting heritage trends and selling them in mass to the millennial and Gen Z markets. Vinyl records, Polaroid cameras and 2-piece Champion sweatsuits have proved themselves relevant in 2019, and now, Urban Outfitters is hoping VHS tapes will follow the same path to profit. It goes something like this: nice-interest-turned-hipster-obsession-turned-gift-for-your-13-year-old-cousin.

In collaboration with the indie retail brand Studiohouse Designs, Urban Outfitters is selling boxsets of five mystery VHS tapes for $49 CAD.

You can’t pick your flick, but you can narrow down your category (think ’90s Comedy, Sci-Fi and ’00s Rom-Com), and the featured images give you glance at the kind of movie you may end up with (think Office Space, Bring it On and Dirty Dancing). “Each set is unique, iconic and will vary from what is pictured here,” the product description promises. “Don’t worry – there are no duds in this batch!”

You may think, for $49, a reclaimed vintage VHS player will be included in the price. Disclaimer: it’s not. Maybe, the throwback tapes are supposed to function as an iconic piece of art you display on a shelf in your TV-less apartment. As those young, hip kids say: weird flex, but okay.

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Bella and Gigi Hadid, Diane Kruger, and More Celebrities Pay Tribute to Karl Lagerfeld


Karl Lagerfeld

Getty ImagesRindoff/Le Segretain

Karl Lagerfeld, one of fashion's most iconic and beloved designers, has passed away at 85. As news spread of the Chanel designer's death, celebrities and his fellow designers honored the man who dressed them, befriended them, and inspired them on Instagram. Here, their tributes.

Gigi Hadid

"I’m so heartbroken. I almost don’t have words… There will never be another Karl Lagerfeld. Every second with you was an honor, joy, and inspiration. I wish I could give you one last hug. I love you Karl. Thank you for everything. Rest In Peace."



Bella Hadid

Bella reposted Gigi's Instagram Story and added her own second message. "Nothing seems right at the moment..."





Diane Kruger

"Karl.....I cannot tell you how much you meant to me and how much I will miss you ♥️ I will never forget your kindness towards me, your laughs, your imagination ♥️ I came to France to see you this week and introduce you to my daughter...I’m heartbroken I was too late ♥️ Rest In Peace, I adore you ♥️"

Donatella Versace

"Karl your genius touched the lives of so many, especially Gianni and I. We will never forget your incredible talent and endless inspiration. We were always learning from you."

Alexa Chung

"Rest in peace, Karl. I remember being so scared to interview you and yet you were in fact incredibly witty and generous. Thank you for inviting me to some of the most glamorous experiences of my life, it was an honour to know you. Oh yeah and thanks for the dry shampoo tip, will always think of you as I powder my wig. ❤️"

Victoria Beckham

"So incredibly sad to hear this. Karl was a genius and always so kind and generous to me both personally and professionally. RIP 💔x vb"

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope



After a month of meandering, it’s time to FOCUS—or, if you’ve been hustling behind the scenes on a project, get a date on the calendar for your big reveal. This Monday, February 18, the Sun blasts off on its monthlong tour of Pisces, putting career goals squarely in your crosshairs. As a Gemini, your success strategy is usually “twin for the win!” but between now and March 20, you’ll also step forward as a powerful leader in your own right. Trot out your achievements and find others who are striving towards common goals. Synergies abound everywhere you turn, and some could prove highly profitable in the weeks ahead. If you work in corporate, you may rise through the ranks, perhaps as a company spokesperson or the newest member of the office’s executive wing. And don’t worry, Gem, this lone wolf phase won’t last for long. Socialize selectively and strategically and a month from now, you can form a supergroup, when the Sun swings into your collaborative eleventh house. During Pisces season, you’re a magnet for magnates; and it’s your personable charm that will have them eating out of the palm of your manicured hand. Consider becoming a member of an elite organization or an industry networking group.

Speaking of groups, Monday’s heavenly forecast brings a loud call for discernment as Chiron, the “wounded healer” comet, checks in to the Aries realm until April 14, 2027. Who are your allies…really? That will become clear in the days ahead and you won’t want to waste your time on any fake affiliations. Over the past eight years, your career may have been fraught with instability at times—but oh, the golden lessons you have learned! As Chiron leaves Pisces (not to return for 50 years), you’re primed for a major professional leap. You’re also ready to share your hard-won wisdom with the world—and quite possibly be paid to do just that! With Chiron in Aries activating your eleventh house of community and technology, the virtual world will provide an ideal platform between now and 2027. Got something to teach…or preach? From YouTube to IGTV to Facebook Live to Twitch, your platform awaits! Be discerning about who you let into your innermost sanctum or on to your personal pages. As a free-flowing Gemini, you’re happy to be friends with the world, in real time AND online. But that open-ended strategy could wind up watering down the truly important connections in your life in the coming years. Affiliating yourself with a troubled group could also circle back to haunt you, even if you’re just hanging out on the periphery. Dabble away but don’t fill out the membership papers unless you’re SURE you want the associated “privileges.” For some Geminis, the call to social justice, activism and humanitarian work could become too loud to ignore. With the 2020 elections around the corner, you may find yourself swept up in a powerful candidate’s cause, lending your contagious enthusiasm to their campaign!

On Tuesday, no boring bare wall nor overstuffed closet will escape your evaluation. Not with the full supermoon in Virgo beaming overhead! This lunar spotlight shines brightly on the Gemini abode, so if you’re one of the last holdouts on the Marie Kondo craze that swept the Netflix-watching nation, get thee to “tidying!” Warning: These Virgo-directed moonbeams could make you a little bit obsessive. If you’ve already folded all your shirts into “KonMari” squares, you might get on to the art of styling your shelves to give all your finely curated collectibles proper respect. Just don’t start rearranging your crystals five minutes before you need to leave for dinner with friends…because twenty minutes later, there you’ll still be, swapping the citrine with the moonstone (and back again) while the texts flood in. Most importantly, you want your home to be a functional space for 2019, Gemini. If you’re more into yoga than crafting this year, put the yarn in the closet and open up space for your morning asanas. Ready to relocate? Set up those Redfin alerts, because a lucky listing could pop up on your screen near Tuesday; or you might get a hot tip about a neighborhood with all the cultural amenities a Gemini needs to have—within walking distance! Some Twins may do a casting call for a roommate or think about moving closer to family. Craving more space or even “a room of one’s own”? Look into private studio spaces that you can rent for making art or music, even at an hourly rate.

See All Signs